The Great Cookie Experiment Pinterest Edition- Sugar Cookie Bars

The Great Cookie Experiment Pinterest Edition- Sugar Cookie Bars


I love sugar cookies.  I love frosted sugar cookies.  I’m not such a big fan of rolling out and cutting out the sugar cookies.  This is why I save sugar cookies for a holiday like Valentine’s Day because a holiday makes the labor more fulfilling.  I don’t really make them any other time of the year.  This recipe, however, changes all of that.  Sugar cookies in bar form!  Make the dough.  Press in the pan.  Bake, frost, and cut in squares!  No cookie cutters!  No rolling pins!   No fuss!  If I want something seasonal, I can just color the frosting and add the sprinkles I like.  No problem!  Completely Delicious, the lovely blog where this pin comes from has a great thing going here!


One problem.  One tiny problem.  These sugar cookie bars are also substantial.  They are heavy and thick and rich and super filling.  I cut these generously, and I shouldn’t have.  These were a LOT of cookie, and much smaller little square servings were definitely required.  Friends weren’t finishing the one cookie they got- not because they didn’t like them, but because….wow….this is a LOT of cookie.


Serving size aside, I can see turning to this method to get a sugar cookie fix on occasion- especially for a husband who adores sugar cookies and hopes that some neighbor makes us some for Christmas, because I don’t do sugar cookies until Valentine’s Day.  I may try to use my favorite sugar cookie recipe, perhaps using a bigger bar pan to press them thinner.  Either way, sugar cookie bars are a great idea!

Sugar Cookie Bars


You can find this recipe here:


Lovely Lotion

As I’ve mentioned before I am a Pintrest addict…despite all the great reasons that I shouldn’t be, like time, I’m hooked.  One of the things I’ve seen a lot lately is a recipe for what is supposed to be the best moisturizing hand lotion ever.  Well…I have to say I tried it and I liiiiike it.

So here’s the recipe I followed (from Patchwork):

8 ounces baby lotion

4 ounces petroleum jelly

4 ounces vitamin E gel

Whip all ingredients together and put into lotion containers.

This works beautifully.  When you first rub it on there’s a moment where it feels just a little greasy and I found myself wondering if I’d made a mistake, but given a minute or two for it to soak in it was lovely.  Good enough that when I pulled the lotion out last night to put on my hands Bunneh batted his eyelashes at me until I rubbed it on his feet too.  Yeah, I’m a sucker for those big hazel eyes.

Next I’m going to try it with a sandlewood cinnamon lotion as the base.