Ultra Gel Lo Cal Dill Dressing

I admit that I have a thing for ranch dressing on my salads. I think it’s a Utah thing, something in the water makes us love our creamy dressings. Unfortunately these dressings aren’t always the most healthy dressings, but with a little bit of Ultra Gel magic we can do something about that.

In most creamy dressings a lot of the bulk of the dressing is made from mayonnaise, which, as is typical for fats, has 100 calories per tablespoon. So a full cup, 16 tablespoons, can add 1600 calories to your batch. We work around this in two ways.  First I really like the flavor and mouth feel of light mayonnaise.  Not that’s the light, not the fat free.  The fat free works in this application, but I really don’t love the flavor or the mouthfeel, it creates a dressing that lacks some of the richness that makes salad dressing so yummy. Second we replace the rest of the mayo and the milk with buttermilk, which has a wonderful flavor and about 5 calories per Tablespoon. Add Ultra Gel for thickness and spices to your taste and you end up with a dressing which is better for you, tastes fantastic and sticks to the greens so you end up using LESS! It’s a win all the way around!

Just one note on our spices. This recipe calls for onion and garlic powder, not salt. If you use onion salt and garlic salt as well as the pure salt you’re going to have a very salty recipe and the onion and garlic flavor will not be nearly strong enough. It’s totally worth it to have good powders in your cupboard and control how much salt goes into your recipes by only adding salt as salt.

This particular recipe is a Dilly cream salad dressing. It’s really nice with vegetables as a dip if you make it a little thicker, or a great salad topper thinner.  I like a little drizzle across potato salad or deviled eggs too!

ultra gel dilly dressing

Ultra Gel Lo-Cal Dill Dressing

1/2 cup light mayonnaise

1 1/2 cup buttermilk

1/2 tsp onion powder

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp kosher salt

1 1/2 Tbl Ultra Gel (2-3 Tbl for dip)

2 tsp dried dill weed or 3 tsp fresh dill weed, snipped

1 tsp dried parsley or 2 tsp fresh parsley, snipped

Measure mayonnaise into medium bowl. Gradually whisk in buttermilk. In a separate container combine all dry ingredients. Whisk into liquid mixture until smooth. Refrigerate to blend flavors.

Key Lime Cream Pie

I love the spring time. It’s getting warmer and the garden is starting to grow. Down on the farm the raspberries are soaking up the sun and the rain and we’re hoping for a marvelous crop come this summer. However, spring also gets me thinking about wonderful springy desserts. Fortunately my husband and two other friends all have birthdays this time of year which give me plenty of excuses to pull out the dessert recipe book.

This year when I asked what flavor of cake folks wanted one friend replied that pie was superior to cake and key lime the most superior. As I’ve never met a key lime pie I didn’t like I was happy to oblige.

Traditionally a key lime pie is made by combining egg yolk, lime juice and sweetened condensed milk and baking…or some folks just let it sit in the fridge and set. If you are working with pasteurized eggs this is fairly safe, but it does squick some folks out, so if in doubt bake it. Or come eat with us where we use Ultra Gel to replace our egg yolks and add some whipping cream right to to filling to add lightness and a beautiful balance of tart and sweet. In fact it’s good enough I may just have to have another slice for lunch.

Key Lime Cream Pie

1 can (10 oz) sweetened condensed milk

1/3 cup lime juice (can be lime, key lime, lemon or a combination there of)

1 batch Ultra Gel Whipping Cream (recipe to follow)

zest of two limes (1-2 tsp)

1 Tbl Ultra Gel

In a small bowl wisk together Ultra Gel, sweetened condensed milk, zest and lime juice until smooth. Let sit for three to four minutes. Fold in whipping cream and scoop into a graham cracker pie crust. Top with additional cream if desired.  Refrigerate until read to serve.

Key Lime Cream Pie

Ultra Gel Whipping Cream

1 pint whipping cream

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp Ultra Gel

1 tsp vanilla

Put whipping cream into a medium sized bowl or bowl of a stand mixer and mix until it just starts to thicken. Add all other ingredients and whip until thick. Use immediately or refrigerate for upto 5 days.