Tuesday (Wednesday) Tips: Fudge

Happy National Fudge day, folks! Yes…it actually is an American food holiday. This fact cracks me up and meant that I had to make fudge and bring it into work. Then I realized that it was Wednesday and I hadn’t put up a Tuesday Tip! So our tip is a day late, but goes with the holiday.

Candy making is one of those things which a lot of people shy away from, but in the back of most good recipe books there are a few favorite sweets recipes. One of my favorite candies to make is fudge. Decadent, chocolatey, rich…yummy, and also prone to sugaring failure. Sugaring is the process where the crystal structure of the fudge is large and grainy instead of being fine and smooth and happens if you beat your fudge too soon or if you get a sugar crystal into the mix when the structure is forming. Ultra Gel helps with avoiding sugaring and you only need about a teaspoon in a batch to do the job. In this case the Ultra gel goes in with the sugar mixture to be brought to a boil. The starch binds with the water molecules and when the crystal structure forms keeps it fine, even if you beat the fudge warm or have minor contaminants.

Tomorrow I’ll share one of my favorite fudge recipes. I need to grab grandma’s recipe book for it. 🙂

So…what’s your favorite flavor?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Jana Brown

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