New Flavor: Raspberry Jalapeno

Heya there,

Today is a shameless plug blog.  I try not to do these very often but I’m very excited about two recent products we’ve added to our Spreadable Fruit lines.  Now we have Raspberry Jalapeno and a 10 calorie Raspberry spread, both cool for different reasons.
The Raspberry Jalapeno spread is a fruity savory spread.  When you put it in your mouth it starts out sweet and rich and then as you swallow there’s a great little kick to the back of your mouth.  We’ve tried to find a good middle ground that’s got enough kick to be fun, but not so much that it’s unpleasant.  My current favorite serving option is with cream cheese and crackers, but we’re working on recipes with meats and vegetables.  Yummy!

The 10 calorie Raspberry spread is an option for folks who are looking for a no sugar, low carb option.  Sweetened with a Stevia derivative this is a brightly flavored spread that focuses on raspberry flavors with just a pinch of extra sweetness.

We’re proud of our new options and hope you’ll take a chance to visit us at the farmer’s markets or on our website and give them a try.



One thought on “New Flavor: Raspberry Jalapeno

  1. Are you sharing your recipe for Raspberry jalapeno? It sounds delicious. Where can I find this recipe? We love Hot pepper relish. This sounds even better. Thanks, Terry

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