They’re here!

Gardening is an interesting experience, whether you’re an outback gardener with a few plants, or a 20 acre raspberry farmer.  We’ve been going along with beautiful lush vines all loaded with fruit, but none of it ripe.  Then out came the sun and the heat and even though we expected berries in about 10 days, they’re here now and they’re beautiful!

I’ll even have a picture to put up here soon…I say soon because I forgot to take a picture of the crate that was sitting in front of me being snack food.  Oops.

So if you’re looking for fresh berries to jam, bake, decorate or just plain eat…  The berries are here!  We’ll be selling flats at the SLC farmer’s market, or pop over to our website and order them down at the farm in Spanish Fork or Salem, Utah.  We’re so excited!

As well we have a couple of big events coming up, which will get their own posts later today!  Stay tuned!



One thought on “They’re here!

  1. I am a FFA teacher at San Juan High School in Blanding Utah. I am interested in applying for a “specialty crops block grant”. In my research, I came across your farm, and it appears that you have once applied for a similar grant. Incidentally, I was considering raspberries as a specialty crop for my FFA students to grow as a specialty crop because of our limited acreage. I am interested in any information you could give me to help with the grant writing process. Obviously you were successful.
    Please Consider this Request,
    Chase Alder
    FFA Advisor
    San Juan High School

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