National Chocolate Chip Day

As usual I want to know who decides on these Holidays, but I like this one. I’ve long had a love with chocolate chips in all of their sizes and flavors. I remember as a child sneaking little handfuls of the semi sweet morsels and sucking on them to make them last all the way through a movie or as a snack before bed. Now I pay for the chocolate chips so I’m bolder about my wandering around with a handful. As well chocolate chips are a fun ingredient in everything from cookies to pancakes and many desserts in between. Now, if you want to get really technical, the quality of chocolate in chocolate chips is usually a little lower than what you’d get with an enrobbing chocolate but in ways it’s also superior. Chocolate chips are designed to stay in chip form when worked into a batter, and when melted they solidify quickly which is very helpful in fast desserts.

So I’m going to share one of my favorite chocolate chip recipes here, I have a LOT of them, but what about others out there? You’re all a quiet bunch but you have to have some chocolate desire or trick to share!

Jana Brown

White Chocolate Popcorn

6-7 cups popped pop corn – I like to salt it so there’s a contrast with the chocolate. (You can also cheat and use microwave popcorn, two bags)
2 cups melted white chocolate chips
1/2 cup melted dark chocolate chips

Pour the pop corn into a large bowl and follow with the white chocolate. Shake and stir to coat and pour out onto a cookie sheet to cool. Once the white chocolate has begun to set up then drizzle with the darker chocolate. Cool completely and devour!

Addendum:  I have been appropriately chastened for not mentioning that the wonderful idea for drizzling the darker chocolate over the white popcorn mass comes from Julie, my best friend from around the corner, who gets pulled into my recipe craziness whether she wants to or not.  Thanks Jules!


3 thoughts on “National Chocolate Chip Day

  1. Has anyone else been sad that the price of chocolate chips is much higher lately? I wonder if they’re using better cacao, though, because the taste seems better.

  2. Some brands I think have better chips, but mostly it’s just more expensive. I find that I can get good deals if I watch the stores closely, but there has been less chocolate consumption in my household. I suppose that’s a good thing for my waistline.


  3. I can usually get the chips for $1 a bag with a sale/coupon. Otherwise, your only recourse is to buy them in bulk from Costco or the like. More chocolate chips in the house? Darn…

    My favorite use is in muffins with pumpkin, squash, or sweet potato. Mmmmm.

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