Hooray! Utah’s Own Recipe Round up

I just have to gush and share my pride in my dear husband.  This last weekend he competed in the local Utah’s Own Recipe Round up and won for our local area.  🙂  He and his super secret bacon recipe will be competing in the Utah State Fair for Culinary Cruise for two.  This is the first time he’s ever competed in something like this and I’m so proud of him.  The world of food is a passionate place for both of us and it’s fun to get involved with the community!

In other news I celebrated National Rice Pudding day by trying a brown rice pudding recipe.  I’m mostly pleased with it, though we did have a few kernels that weren’t quite as cooked through as I wanted.  I’m going to try another variation then I’ll share both recipes and you can tell me what you think.

On those happy notes it’s bedtime for me, though I leave with the question…what do you like in your rice pudding?

Jana Brown


4 thoughts on “Hooray! Utah’s Own Recipe Round up

  1. Not raisins. What else does one put in rice pudding? Looking forward to recipes. Congrats to Bry again on the victory!!! That cruise is inching ever closer.

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