What’s in that Brownie?

I’m a fan of brownies; chewy, chocolatey goodness on a plate.  However, I’m also trying to watch my waistline, and not in the watch it expand way, so I’ve been experimenting with various ways to make some of my favorite treats preserving flavors, while cutting back on calories.   Brownies are a favorite to muck with.

I suppose some of the mucking is because I like the end produce and some because the end product is very forgiving.  As long as you don’t totally overpower the chocolate there are a lot of texture mistakes which will be forgiven.  And, hey, you can experiment with either the box mix version or from scratch and that’s fun too.

So a couple of nights ago I was craving brownies and feeling lazy all at once.  I pulled out a box mix and started digging for an add in.  I ended up with about half a dozen pears, which I peeled and pureed until smooth.  I dumped this into the mix, stirred and baked.  The results were pretty darn good.  The flavor is excellent, though the texture was a little dense for my husband and there’s a slight grit brought by the pears which was better when they were cooled versus warm.  All in all I’d do it again, though next time I want to make the mix from scratch and increase the leavening a little to see if I can overcome the density.

What do you add to your brownies?  Or are you a purist?  Inquiring minds want to know!



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