One of Those Blog Days

I’m having one of those blog days.  The days when nothing you think of to say seems funny enough, or just right for the audience.  I think about my weekend and what I did foodwise and the truth is I got pampered.  My husband, whom you hear about frequently, put a roast on his rotisserie and took it for a spin.  I’m fairly sure the grill is his most favorite toy.  Then he roasted up some red potatoes with a grundle of herbs and topped them with sharp cheddar cheese and steamed cabbage up on the side.  As much as I love cooking, I do have to admit that there are times it’s just nice to be pampered.

So I’m going to turn the question to you, gentle reader.  What is your favorite pampering meal?  Is there something that that significant someone in your life makes for you that just gives you the warm fuzzies?

Jana Brown


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