What happened to the blog posts?

So this week I’ve not posted hardly at all, but I do have a good excuse.  🙂  I’ve worked the last four and a half years for a company called XanGo, but today I’m saying goodbye and moving my efforts full time to Cornabys.  Food has been my passion forever, so this is a fantastic move, but it has rather sucked out all of my time this week.

Starting next week I have new recipes and discussions coming and I’d love to know what recipes or subjects you’d like to see addressed here on the blog.  I’m doing the writing, but it’s not a community unless you too are involved.

And I can definitely say that there is a contest coming up in September to celebrate the birthdays of our company founders.  Convenient that they were born in the same month, and we want to celebrate with all raspberry pomp and circumstance…or at least a really big cake!

Stay tuned.

Jana Brown


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