Pretty Maids All in a Row

Harvest is one of my favorite times of the year.  The weather is just starting to shift so the evenings and mornings are pleasantly cool and the day still warm, and the fall crops are all coming ripe and yummy.  This is also one of my busiest times of the year.

I come from a long line of canners.  I’ve always loved the sight of bottles of preserves all lined up full of foods that would make for wonderful meals and snacks through the rest of the year.  Beans, tomatoes, peaches, pears, pickles, pie fillings…the list of favorites goes on and on in the best possible way.

Now that I have my own house and family the tradition has stayed with me and I find myself teaching my husband, children and friends the same skills.  This weekend we worked up pears which is an easy place to start.  Pears simply have to be cut in half, skinned and placed in jars.  Then cover with a light syrup of 4 cups of water and 2 cups sugar.  35 minutes in a bubble bath and they’re ready to go.

Aren’t they pretty?

Tomorrow is pickles with a lovely basil lime herb that I found at the Murray Farmer’s Market!

Jana Brown

P.S.  Special thanks to Jules who helped me get all the pears in when I was having a nutty day which included 14 quarts and 7 pints of pears on top of housecleaning and a birthday cake for my niece.


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