Heehee…we’re in the news?

Okay, this is one of those shameless plug and giddy moments.  I just can’t help it!

Yesterday Cornaby’s was in the Desert News!  How cool is that!  It’s a fun story and the pictures are gorgeous!  Thank you so much to Food Editor Valerie Phillips and photographer Jeff Allred.  They were so much fun to work with and the result is just a thing of beauty.  Now I need to find a bunch of copies to send to the relatives!  How fun!

In other news we’ll also be at the Stadium Farmer’s market at BYU today from 2-7.  I’d looove to see some familiar faces stop on by.  Even just to say Hi!

Jana Brown


3 thoughts on “Heehee…we’re in the news?

  1. Because of the Deseret News article I went to Macey’s WJ looking for your jam. Couldn’t find it, but found the UltraGel. Going to attempt wheat bread this weekend — hoping it doesn’t come out heavy enough to build pyramids with 😉

    • It’s fun to hear from folks who have found our products. I’m sorry you didn’t see the jam there. We’ll call them on Monday and see if we can help get the jams on the shelves for you. 🙂 I hope you’ll love Ultra gel as much as I do. I love it in my wheat bread and just a little goes a long way towards pepping up that yeast. I’d love to hear how your recipe turns out!


  2. Jana, That was a really fun story to do! I learned a lot about raspberries, and I’m glad I bought some to take home with me as a sweet souvenir. I used the Jam in a Jiffy kit and now I have little jars of preserves in my freezer as well.
    Keep in touch,
    Valerie Phillips
    Deseret News

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