What is Jam in a Jiffy?

This blog is in response to a request and has a little bit of shameless self promotion going on.  I really thought I’d talked about Jam in a Jiffy before, but I couldn’t find the post so here we go again.  For those already in the know there are cute kitty pictures right here.  For everyone else…  let’s jump in our Delorians and go back in time.

Zooming back through my childhood we’ll stop on a pleasant summer day.  The kitchen we’re in is a delight of goldenrod appliances and brown cabinets, with floors in a matching gold, cream and brown pattern.  I loved that floor.  You could spill all kinds of stuff on it and as long as it wasn’t sticky no one could see it anyway.  The sink is full of raspberries and the stove has a pot on every burner.  As pleasant as the day started it’s gonna get really really hot before all is said and done.  The measuring begins with heaps of berries.  The comes pectin and water and lemon juice and sugar…and sugar…and sugar…and karo syrup.  Then all the units go on and the bubbling starts.  We bubble and we bubble and we bubble.  Once it’s thick then scoop the jam into freezer containers and start over again.  The process is very iconic for me, but I also remember it being a PAIN in the neck.  It was hot, it was sticky, and at the end of the day we didn’t get nearly enough jam for all the effort we put into it.

When my mother started the Ultra Gel business, which eventually became a part of everything we were doing with Cornaby’s, tackling jams was one of the things we really wanted to do.  We wanted jams that stayed thick and delicious without having to put so much sugar into it, or working so hard and loosing so much of the berry bulk.  This desire is where Jam in a Jiffy came from and it’s not only something we sell, but something the entire family uses in their own households.

Jam in a Jiffy is an instant jam mix.  It contains thickeners, pectins and sugars in one bag which doesn’t require any cooking to activate.  No more four pots on the stove.  Now it’s one really big bowl and a whisk.

Crush two pounds of any fruit or fruit combination, stir in the mix, let it sit for five minutes and freeze.

This makes it possible to do twice the jam in less than half the time, and to have a low sugar, high quality, high flavor finish.  My kids love it because it’s so simple and they can do what they want with flavors.  Strawberry peach and strawberry mango are household favorites, but whatever is in season works.

So as much as I love my childhood…this is one tradition I’m willing to build another way.

Jana Brown


5 thoughts on “What is Jam in a Jiffy?

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    • Virginia…I’m so sorry you had a problem. Our Food Specialist says that grapes often have so much juice to them that there isn’t enough pectin and thickener in the Jam in a Jiffy. It works best with soft fruits like berries and peaches which have a little more fiber and bulk to them. With your permission she’d like to email you directly with some suggestions to adjust the fruit to Jam in a Jiffy ratio so that it will work for you. Please let us know if that would be all right.


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