Disney Foods

Okay, as promised the pictures of the things we ate while at Disneyland.  🙂  Whenever we travel the biggest part of our budget beyond the getting there and somewhere to sleep is reserved for food.  Many of my best trip memories are all tied to what we ate.  Disney is a good example of this, though I’d highly advise anyone heading out to a Disney park to take advantage of the reservation system.  You can call several weeks before your vacation and get reservations for the best places in the park and the surrounding areas.  We’ve found that for many of the top restaurants if you don’t call ahead you just plain aren’t getting in unless you’re lucky and someone cancels while you’re standing there.  However, one little call and you can walk up, say “I have a reservation” and you’re usually seated within 10 minutes.

This trip we ate at The Blue Bayou, Catal and Tortilla Joes.

Roasted chicken, colored carrots and scalloped potatoes from The Blue Bayou.  We also had a killer gumbo and a beautiful Creme Brulee here.

My husbands paella from Catal.  The rice was very well spiced and the veggies and clams were amazing.  I personally thought the shrimp were a little over cooked, though the men folks all liked them.

The plate on the left is a chilled octopus and fingerling potato dish which had a really nice lemon butter on it.  On the right is a tapa appetizer of meatballs in a tomato sauce.  The sauce was a little too close to tomato soup to be my favorite, but the meatballs were very moist and tender.

This dish also was served at Catal.  Roasted chicken, butternut squash and cannelloni pasta.  This was likely our favorite dish at Catal.

Chicory roasted chicken, tamale and corn base from Tortilla Joes.  Very yummy!

Fajitas.  Pretty, but over all rather ordinary.  I wouldn’t order this again as it was a bit heavy and underspiced.  Surprising considering the type of restaurant and all the spicy smells in the air.

At all the dinners the boys were gentlemen, which is pretty impressive at 13 and 9, but on our last day we found a meal that suited their wild side.

Jana Brown


2 thoughts on “Disney Foods

  1. I’ve heard that if you leave jam made with your easy process in the fridge it will mold after only a couple of weeks. What can you tell me about that? Thanks.

    I’m doing my own test on this “rumor” with some peach jam that was made as freezer jam. Today is day one of my experiment.

    • Heya,

      I’ve never seen a problem with mold setting in that fast. It will depend on your fruit and eventually fruit spread is going to mold because that’s what it should naturally do. We don’t put any artificial preservatives in the Jam in a Jiffy as part of preserving quality is allowing foods to go through natural processes in natural time frames. Eventually fruit will ferment or mold, dairy will sour, etc. it just shouldn’t be happening immediately so you can enjoy your product!

      I have an open container of peach strawberry jam made with the Jam in a Jiffy in my fridge that’s been there for about a month. I’m just starting to see a little bit of light bubbling after four weeks and no molding. If your peaches had any mold in the pits, which can sometimes happen with split pits, those spores can be transferred into your jam mix and will cause molding to happen more rapidly, but that’s not an effect of the jam mix, but of the fruit itself.

      Please let us know if you have problems with rapid molding and we’d be happy to look at your product and see if we can determine the cause.

      Jana Brown

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