Thank you, and when is it too soon for Christmas Music?

Short blog today.  We’re packing things up to get ready for the Family Christmas Expo tomorrow and we’re busy little bees!

However, we did want to take a minute to express heartfelt thanks for those who are currently serving or have ever served in the armed forces or local and national law enforcement.  Thank you for everything you’ve done, are doing or will do to help to preserve our way of life and our ability to live as we do.  This goes both for those vetrans of military service and the local heroes who take care of our cities day in and out.  Thank you everyone, thank you very much.

In other news…I’ve found two radio stations already playing all Christmas all the time.  As a foodie I love Thanksgiving too so it makes me kinda sad to see it skipped in order to get right to Sandy Claws and buying out the stores.  So when is too soon?  December 1 mortorium on Christmas music all the time, or do we go for all year every year?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Jana Brown


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