Savory Jams as Sauces

Heading into Thanksgiving my mind is on food even more than usual.  This really shouldn’t surprise…well…anyone.  🙂

However, one of the questions we received several times at the Holiday Boutique was about our savory jams and just what do you do with the things. Cornaby‘s carries three savory jams, all three with a raspberry base and then some spice:  Raspberry Jalapeno, Hot Raspberry Jalapeno and Raspberry Chipotle.  The difference between the three comes down to spice/heat level and smoke.  The Raspberry Jalapeno is the mildest of the three with just a bit of kick and a little more sweet.  The Hot Raspberry jalapeno is a sharp heat, and the Raspberry Chipotle is about the same level of heat but with a smoke background.

Sooo…ways to use them:

* Pour over softened cream cheese and serve up with crackers.

* Use as a spread on a chicken or turkey wrap.

* Mix jam with half as much brown sugar and pour over pork ribs, then slow cook them.

* Pour over a turkey before it goes into the oven to add a kick to that traditional meal.

* Mix equal parts raspberry jalapeno and cranberry sauce and serve to kick up stuffing, potatoes, turkey and dinner rolls.

What suggestions do you have?

And doesn’t this make your mouth water:


One thought on “Savory Jams as Sauces

  1. I mix either the mild or hot Jalapeno Raspberry with barbecue sauce and pour it over chicken breasts halfway through the roasting process. Everyone loves it–and considering that all my kids hate my cooking, that is saying something.

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