Using Ultra Gel for a Gluten Free, lump free gravy

One of the holiday questions I keep seeing come up is how to make gravy that doesn’t have lumps which could sink the Titanic floating about the middle.  The other top questions are about making gravy that will keep in the fridge and gluten free options.  So today we’re going to talk about Ultra Gel and gravies because it solves all three of these issues.

Ultra Gel is a modified food starch…in this case all that means is that it’s a thickener made from a specific type of corn called waxie maize which has very specific thickening properties.  One of my favorite things about Ultra Gel is that it is an instant starch.  No more mixing the starch and the water and waiting for a soup or sauce to come to a boil.  This is a sprinkle and stir product.  So when we’re talking gravy it’s a matter of combining the drippings from the meat (In my husband’s case that includes the boiled and chopped up gibblets, very yummy.)  with water and spicing it up how you like it.  Once that’s done bring the temperature up to SERVING level, not the roiling boil that cornstarch requires, and sprinkle Ultra Gel over the top.  Whisk to combine and tada…all done.

Lumps are avoided because you don’t need the rolling boil to activate your starch and Ultra Gel is such a loose powder that it doesn’t clump as long as you sprinkle.  Gravy is fast to make and will keep in the fridge as a soft gel once it cools, so easy to reheat, and Ultra Gel is a gluten free thickener and always safe for those avoiding gluten.

Mmm…gravy…no where did I put that mashed sweet potato recipe?

Jana Brown


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