Easy Stuffed Croissants

On the KUTV segment we showed some croissants and I’ve received questions about what they were and what was in them.  Figured it was a good thing to share.

I went the easy way and purchased my croissant dough from the store, unrolling them into the six rolls.  Then I placed either cheddar cheese or cream cheese at the thickest part of the roll.  With the cheddar cheese I put a scoop of Raspberry Jalapeno fruit spread and with the cream cheese I used the new Berry Spice spread.  I rolled up the crescents, making sure to keep the cheese and spread inside and baked for 15 minutes.  These browned up perfectly and were very yummy, though I found I wanted a little more of the Berry Spice spread on the outside.

Easy and delicious.  I’d make them again for a dinner party.

Jana Brown


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