Ultra Gel and the Ice cream machine

My lovely husband knows me very well and a couple of months ago got me a beautiful Cuisine Art ice cream maker.  I’ve always wanted one, and it’s just never been in the cards, but now we have a lovely double ice cream maker.  This means we can make two flavors at once as long as we have enough space in the freezer for both of the freezing containers.  Long and short of it…it’s been since October and I finally found the freezer space to give the machine a whirl.   It was so much fun!

I made two types of ice cream a fresh blackberry and a butter rum eggnog.  Honestly, the flavor of the butter rum was a little too strong, so while I LOVED the richness of the eggnog version I wanted a different flavor.  Next time I’d use a little more nutmeg and maybe some allspice for flavor and no rum flavoring.

There are generally two ways to make an ice cream base.  You can do a cold base, which is what I did this time, which makes for a fluffier end product, or you can make a custard base with egg yolks as a thickener which gives a richer end product but also takes longer.  I’ll talk more about that one when I get a chance to try it!

For this base I used 2% milk and a little bit of whipping cream.  The recipe called for whole milk and heavy cream, but I didn’t want that many extra calorie.  However, I did want the thickness that comes form working with a thicker base, so I used a quarter cup of Ultra Gel in the mix.  This did two things for me.  First of all it gave me the desired richness with lower calorie ingredients and secondly it helped my ice cream to freeze very smoothly with very fine ice structure.

The blackberries I used we got from a bountiful basket and froze then crushed and added to the ice cream mixer for the last five minutes of the process before I scooped everything into the freezer.  Holy yummy!

Nothing like Freeesh nutmeg

Mmm...getting all thick and yummy


Ultra Gel Non Cook Ice Cream Base

1 cup milk (1-2%)

1/2-3/4 cup sugar

2 cups cream

1-2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup Ultra Gel

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl and whisk well.  Turn on ice cream maker and freeze according to makers directions.

I’m going to try frozen yogurt for New Years!

Jana Brown


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