Ham Stock

Most readers will have noticed that I talk about my husband, Bunneh, frequently.  That’s because he loves food and I love him and the two things go together pretty well.  As of late he’s been on a kick with making homemade stock for us to use in soups, sauces, rice and anything else that seems to need it.

Over the holidays we had two different meals which included large pieces of bone in ham.  Bunneh saved all the bones and the meat most directly attached to the bones and froze them hard.  Then when we had a slow day he put all the bones into my largest stock pot and added carrots, celery, onions and parsley before covering everything with water.  He let the whole thing simmer for about six hours before straining out the bones and vegetation and setting the whole thing out in the snow to cool.

In the morning we pulled off the fat cap and had a large pot full of thick dark, slightly salt ham stock.  It smelled wonderful.  Bunneh packaged up two large bags of stock for later and added the rest to a 15 bean mix for a lovely soup.

We’ll do some rice with more of the stock later, but now he’s got his eye on beef ribs.

Stock in the outdoor freezer


Ham and Bean Soup


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