Veggies in my Pasta

Spaghetti has always been one of my favorite things to make.  I love the combination of spindly noodles and a scrumptious tomato sauce.  I know it’s a very American thing, this combination of noodles and bolonase sauce, but dangit I like it.

My sauce tends to wander a lot sometimes a vegan dish giving all the glory to the vegetables and sometimes a combination of both Italian sausage and ground beef.  Kinda depends on what is in the fridge and my general mood.

For this particular batch I started with setting four servings of pasta to boil with a little bit of salt and olive oil in the water.

Bubble, bubble...

In a medium sized saute pan I browned half a pound of light Italian sausage in a little bit of olive oil.  To this I added half of a white onion, a celery stalk, a burgandy carrot (One of the last from our garden!), one clove of garlic and 8 ounce of mushrooms all chopped fine.  With the veg in I sauted the lot of it until the veggies were tender and the kids started commenting that it smelled good.

Too bad you can't smell this through the interwebs!

Next I added a quart of home canned tomato puree and a small can of tomato sauce, then spiced with salt, pepper, sugar, oregano, a little Italian seasoning and some extra garlic powder.  I let the sauce bubble a bit to reduce and then thickened the rest with Ultra Gel, just sprinkle and stir!

Once the level of thickness I wanted was there I served up my noodles, made them happy with some sauce and sprinkled cheese on top.  Dinner is served!

Where's my Fork?

This recipe is easy to make with just veg for a vegan feast though I’d increase the celery and carrots and add a diced eggplant as it gives both nice bulk and works well with the tomatoes.

What do you put in your sauce?

Jana Brown


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