Potato Soup

It’s cold out here in Utah.  I know other places are getting more snow than we are, but Bunneh and I are big babies and tired of it being 12 degrees.  The cat also disapproves of the cold:

My chair! Mine mine mine!

The cold lead to a choice to make a nice potato soup tonight and it goes along with our goals to eat better and have a few meatless days.  Though it wasn’t cheeseless…let’s not be silly.

For this soup I called on the services of one medium white onion and a large stalk of celery both chopped fine and added to a medium stock pot with a small pat of butter.  I wilted the veggies until they smelled good and the onions were translucent and slightly carmelized.  To this I added a diced medium sized yam and three small diced yukon gold potatoes.  Yes, I said yam.  No, it’s not Thanksgiving.  Neither Bunneh or I love the traditional version of yams boiled, squished and topped with marshmallow, but we do like putting yams in soups and hashes where they add a splash of color and a nice sweetness that contrasts with the rest of the soup.  The reason for using gold potatoes is that they tend to hold together better than russets and I like that mouthfeel. If all you have on hand is russets they’ll work fine.

Cook for three to five minutes, tossing gently to keep from sticking.  Add three to four cups of chicken or vegetable stock (homemade is best, low sodium canned will do) to vegetables and cover.  Simmer for 10 minutes and then an addition 5-10 minutes uncovered until potato and yam pieces are fork tender and liquid has reduced by half.

Add two cups of milk (I like 1%.) and reduce heat to medium.  DO NOT BOIL.  Boiling milk products will denature the proteins which creates curdling and fast scorching.  Spice with salt, pepper, garlic powder and possibly a little season all.  Once you have the flavor you want, whisk in 1/2 to 3/4 cup Ultra Gel.  Allow soup to simmer until thick and serve.  Sprinkle with cheese if desired.  Yum.

Nutritionally there are a lot of good things in here.  This is a gluten free dish and can be made as strictly vegetarian or not as you’d like.  Each serving runs between 180-200 calories, so makes some space for dessert or a side of sour dough!

Veggies in broth

Milk in place, adding Ultra Gel

Whisk and simmer


Jana Brown


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