Fancy Food Show in San Francisco

Heya there folks,

We’re back from the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco and we had an amazing time.  A few days of education and two days of browsing the show and seeing so many types of wonderful foods.  For those not familiar with the NASFT and the Fancy Food Show these are shows that happen twice a year which allow specialty food vendors to get together and both learn from each other and work with vendors, brokers, retailers and all sorts of other folks who are interested in seeing the specialty market grow and bringing it home to their states and nations.

Some of our favorites from the show were the Afghan food, the amazing numbers of chocolates and seeing friends from Utah in the Red Rock Cheesemakers, Kara Chocolates and Lehi Roller mills.  It’s a good thing San Francisco is such a walking friendly city, cause we got plenty of exercise to go with all our tasting and our meals around town.  not to mention for a change it was WARM, though I missed my Utah mountains.

We couldn’t take pictures at the show though there there are a lot on the Fancy Foods Show news page if you’re interested, and they highlight some of the products I found fascinating, like finger limes!  The pictures I can share are our meals while we were out and about.

Winter Fancy Food Show

Giant omlette at Mel's drive in with sour dough toast and fried potatoes

Winter Fancy Food Show

Cottage Pie from Foley and Sons Irish Pub

Winter Fancy Food Show

Heh...garlic and mints from Little Joe's Italian

Makes me hungry all over again!

Jana Brown


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