Gluten free white sauce

*knocks on the internet and listens to the echo*  Are ya’ll asleep?  It’s very quiet out there in internet land.

Anyway…this week I made a really fun meatloaf (with tofu in it!) and cream sauce over golden potatoes.  As I’ve mentioned before I really like goldens for boiling or frying because they tend to keep their integrity and remain in bigger pieces than russets which can easily turn into goo.

Anyway…I just did a simple boil on my potatoes with about 1/4 tsp of Red Salt sea salt in the water.  I really like Red Salt as it’s both a local Utah product and it’s a mined salt that comes with some of the minerals around it giving a variety of flavors and textures.  Once the potatoes were soft through I set them aside and started on my white sauce.

Traditional white sauces tend to begin with a roux which are usually combinations of fat and flour.  Butter is often the favored fat as it browns nicely with the flour to make a creamy slightly nutty flavor, though a roux built from pork fat is pretty dang yummy.  (I’m told for some southerners this is the ONLY way to make a traditional gravy for country gravy and biscuits.)  However flour can be a problem for folks and the fattiness is also called into question.  Enter our favorite magic mix in, Ultra Gel.

For my Ultra Gel white sauce I melt about a tablespoon of butter at a medium heat and let it simmer until it just starts to brown.  Then I add my milk, either skim or 1 percent, and spice it with salt, pepper, garlic and some onion powder.  I warm the entire thing until it is about 170-180, which is plenty hot enough to take care of any bacteria, but not boiling so my milk doesn’t scorch.  Once the sauce is warm and tasty then I sprinkle in my Ultra gel 1/8 of a cup at a time, stirring with a whisk to disperse it evenly.  I add additional starch until the mixture is almost as thick as I want it to be, then I stop and let it sit for about 5 minutes, stirring once or twice.  At this point I test the thickness and if it’s too thick add some extra milk, too thin another tablespoon of Ultra Gel.

Gluten Free White Sauce

Melt my precious! Meeelt.

Gluten Free White Sauce

And sprinkle and whisk and sprinkle and's forearm exercise.

Gluten Free White Sauce

Served up with potatoes, peas and meatloaf. Scrumptious.

I love this method because I get the flavor of the butter, but it’s a much lower fat and gluten free option.  Tastewise this is a creamy combination and, to be honest, I don’t miss the fat.  Add a little parmesan cheese and it’s a great Alfredo, or some cheddar and it goes over macaroni like a dream.  I also use it over biscuits, with the addition of some sausage bits usually, or with eggs or any place else you need a cream based sauce.


Jana Brown


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