Roasted Dragon

Good morning Monday.

This weekend we attended a Wholesale Gift show here in SLC.  It was a fun show, but reminded me that one of my favorite things about shows is the opportunity to meet and talk with other vendors.  I think it gives us all hope to see other like minded individuals out there following similar dreams, even crazy ones.  We had a great time this show talking with the folks from Pioneer Valley, My Sac, Baby Laundry, Findels Italian Ice Cream and Halls Confections as well as all the folks with beautiful handmade gifts, foods, jewelry, purses and baby blankets!  Thanks for everything folks.

In more specific food news Sunday dinner this week was, according to my boys, roasted dragon….and there was much discussion over what color of dragon it was, pink dragon won the popular vote, and how much battle Bunneh had gone to in order to subdue it.

In reality it was a very nice pork butt roast, which Bunneh conquered on sale at the butchery at the nearby Fresh Market.  Preparation started with a 12 hour brine which he created by putting together water, homemade pork stock, salt, coriander and molasses.  The meat soaked in this at refrigerator temp, about 38 degrees, and then was moved to a roasting pan.  Additional spice was added with a grind created from fennel seed, cumin and coriander and applied to the outside of the meat which went into the oven at a slow cook (270 degrees F) for around 7 hours until it came to 160 degrees internal temperature.  A fifteen minute rest brought the temp up to 165 before serving.

The meat was our major player in this meal so we went simple with the sides, a light rice mix and steamed spinach and cauliflower with a sprinkle of cheese.  All in all it made for a very nice light meal, but with a tender cut and moist flavor.  I think we’ll use the leftovers right up…maybe a stir fry…

Brined Pork Roast

Mmm...molasses makes the meat dark

Dry Pork Rub

Spices to rub on the meat

Brined Pork Roast

Oh so pretty

Brined Pork Roast

Simple sides and ready to eat!


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