Happy…that one holiday…

Okay, today I was going to put up the pictures of the Star Wars cake and cupcakes that I made over the weekend.  Then I was reminded that it is Valentine’s day and that I’m supposed to do something about that…hrm…

Valentine's Day Smooch

Kissing...that's us...all the time.

Not good enough?  Come on…  I hate this holiday!




I was single for 32 years before I attached myself to Bunneh and in the small town West where I grew up that was and is still considered a little weird.  I was…oooooold…and it was a pain in the butt.

When I was a kid V Day was about lots of little corny cards and exchanging cookies and candy and everyone got a card from everyone else.  Equality ruled.  Back in the day we could actually take homemade foods into the classroom and there was no one like my mother for helping me to produce sugar cookies or pink cupcakes so I was also very popular come appropriate cookie giving holidays.

Then I got older and the holiday started to change because it went from being about pink and red decorations and cookies to mushy stuff.  There were couples and smooching and…well…general ewiness.  Admittedly it was mostly ewie because I wasn’t the other half of any couple, but I digress.

By college I was celebrating with also single roommates, and we’d renamed the holiday to Singles Awareness Appreciation Day.  We dressed in black and handed out anti mushiness literature, black licorice ropes and generally mocked the whole thing. (With one exceptional VDay when I was treated to flowers and dinner by my younger brothers.)

This mockery went on for so long that by the time I had a sweetie I wasn’t sure what to do with the holiday.  I kinda enjoyed my tradition of pizza, action movies and general mockery.  Our first VDay together was right before our scheduled wedding and as Bunneh and I talked about it I discovered that he hated the holiday as much as I did because of the unreal and crazy expectations it puts on men to get romance just right and spend a gazillion dollar.

(Not to mention…it’s a made up holiday anyway, since St. Valentine wasn’t particularly mushy.  He was martyred on Feb 14th and the holiday is more likely a recognition of pagan fertility rites and Hallmark needing a gift giving holiday between Christmas and Mother’s Day.)

So we decided on our own traditions and to forget everything else.  At our house there aren’t any exchanges of jewelry or dinners by candle light.  We eat pizza, we watch action movies and we exchange highly practical car parts.  I generally get new windshield wipers from Bunneh and he gets a large bottle of bright green anti bug windshield fluid.

My family always laughs and shakes their heads at us when we explain that our Vday plans are exactly the same as they were last year, and as they will be next year.  They’re pretty sure we’re in love…but it’s definiately wacky love.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Hello pizza place?  I’d like a large BBQ chicken pizza and the A-Team to go.

Jana Brown


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