Simple Star Wars Cupcakes

I realized that last week I got the Star Wars Cake pictures up but I forgot the cupcakes.  These are really simple cupcakes but my boys sure loved them.

The base is a rich devils food cake (I cheated and this is totally from a box, though I use the high altitude directions and replace the 3 Tbl of flour with Ultra Gel which gives a moister cake so I don’t mind the cheating), then I hollowed out the centers and filled them with Cornaby’s raspberry fruit spread.  (Yes, shameless name dropping, but it really is the best fruit spread I know of, so I’m proud of it.)  I don’t have one of the cool cupcake corers or an apple corer so I just used the tip of a potato peeler, which worked fine.  Once the cupcakes were filled I put a swirl of dark chocolate frosting on top and then made lightsabers out of fondant and toothpicks.  i would have liked the red to be a little redder and if I did it again I’d make them all a little thinner with silver handles instead of brown, but these were the last things I made after a day of making cake and trying to get read for a party, so there was an emphasis on simple.  At the end of the day the boy was happy, so even with the changes I’d make all in all I was pleased.

Star Wars Cupcake


Star Wars Cupcake

The mother of invention...

Star Wars Cupcake

Chocolate and Raspberry together

Star Wars Cupcake

Star Wars Cupcake

No purple light sabers. I'm a classic Star Wars kind of girl!


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