And we’re back…

Hey folks,

We’re back from our fun in the sun and, of course, it snowed 4 inches last night as a welcome back.  I’m not sure that’s entirely fair, but oh well.

We did some great eating while we were at Disney and as soon as I hook up the camera I’ll share some shots.  However there are a couple of things I’ll share that we’ve learned.  If you’re planning a stay at either Disney park reserve your seats at your dinners of choice at least two weeks a head of time.  It’s amazing how much time this will save you.  It’s kinda fun to be able to walk up and see a whole line of people being told there juts aren’t any seats and then to be seated yourself ten minutes later!

The other great secret is knowing that almost all of the Disney resorts have their own internal restaurant and many of them serve killer food and the wait is minimal.  Our favorite place this trip was called Narcoossee’s and is located at the Grand Floridian hotel, right on the edge of a lagoon.  The view was wonderful and the food…oh my…amazing.

Photos coming soon!  Where’s your favorite place to eat away from home?

Jana Brown


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