My Favorite Things: The Kitchen Aid

When I was a little girl one of my favorite tools in my mother’s kitchen was the Kitchen Aid.  A Kitchen Aid is a stand mixer, basically a large bowl into which you can put a variety of mixing tools connected to a powerful motor.  Add ingredients and it does the grunt work for you.

I loved my mother’s Kitchen Aid, which was a 4 quart model in a beautiful 1970’s goldenrod.  We used the stand mixer for everything from bread making to cookies and candies, and if you got it going fast enough the whole thing would shake it’s way across the counter in an odd lumber.  The key to this was to shove it back onto the middle of the counter before it fell off since that would be bad no matter how you look at it.

When I moved out to go to college I desperately wanted a stand mixer in my apartment living, but there wasn’t enough space in any of the small kitchens and I didn’t want to haul it from place to place.  Eventually I moved into a house and a shiny K6Pro Kitchen Aid joined my kitchen cadre.

Now there’s a lot of back and forth over whether the Kitchen Aid or the Bosch stand mixer is better.  I think they are both really good tools, though I prefer the Kitchen Aid due to the strength of it’s attachments and the size of the bowl.  I like being able to make four or five loaves of bread at once, and I broke the blade attachment for a Bosch making my favorite chocolate chip cookies as the batter was just too stiff for it.  However, I think the Bosch whips cream and cream fillings a bit better than the Kitchen Aid, so it’s a matter of what you like and the uses you have in mind.

My Kitchen Aid is not quite 20 years old and we’ve replaced a couple pieces of the motor, but the repairs were very straight forward.  (Bunneh did them cause he’s wonderful.)  Pricing runs between $200-400 depending on the style of stand mixer and the size.  I love my Kitchen Aid, definitely one of my favorite things.


Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Motor Assembly

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

Paddle and whisk - the hook attachment was in the dishwasher. 🙂

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

5 qt bowl...that's a lot of cookie dough


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