Happy Pi Day

Today is 3/14, which is the mathematical number Pi, 3.14…… and also a really good reason to eat pie.  However…I was in the mood for strawberry shortcake.  So I’ll share a recipe for that and how the same method can go into making a very lovely fresh strawberry pie.

For this shortcake I admit to cheating on the cake.  I do like making homemade angel food cake, but in a hurry I reached for our friend Betty Crocker.  However, I did make two adjustments.  First of all I exchanged the cornstarch called for in the high altitude directions for Ultra Gel, which gives the cake a moister set, and I added the zest from one lemon right before pouring my batter out for baking.  This brightens up the flavor of the cake and is a nice contrast to the strawberry topping.

As for my strawberry topping I kept it very simple.  I sliced one pound of strawberries and topped them with the juice from half a lemon and about 2 tablespoons of sugar.  I let this sit so the acid and the sugar could draw some of the juice out of the berries then added 1/3 of a cup of cranberry juice.  You can use any kind of juice that goes with your strawberries, or if you have very juicy strawberries you may not need any at all.  In total you want about 1/2 cup of liquid + your berries before you thicken them.  I did some tasting at this point to make sure it was sweet enough for my sweetie and then sprinkled added 2 tablespoons of Ultra Gel, one tablespoon at a time, mixing in well after each addition.  I let my mixture stand for 2-3 minutes to attain full thickness then served up over my cake.

strawberry shortcakestrawberry shortcakestrawberry shortcake

To adjust this recipe for a fresh strawberry pie, double everything and pour into a graham cracker, nut, or baked whole wheat pie shell and serve with whipped cream!


Jana Brown


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