Using Frozen Blueberries in Batters

I was idly looking through my stats as to what kinds of things draw folks to the blog.  One of them was a search for ‘frozen blueberries turn my batter purple’, so I thought that today I’d take a chance to address some ways to help with this tendency.  For Friday we’ll have some exciting news about Jam in a Jiffy, but that’ll wait.

Frozen blueberries are a really nice thing to have on had for use in a variety of things.  I love tossing half a cup in the microwave and thickening them a little to make a great blueberry compote for pancakes or waffles.  However, they can be very annoying when used in muffins or cakes due to a tendency to bleed over juice which can turn batter purple.  Here are a few ways to avoid the purpling:

1:  Allow the berries to thaw about half way and add a little Ultra Gel (about 2 tsp for a 1/2 cup of berries).  This thickens the juice around the blueberries though it tends to make them a little more of a spread or preserve than singular berries.

2:  Fold berries into the mix at the last minute and combine only enough to get them in there.  Never use a stand or hand mixer.  This is a by hand folding maneuver.  Otherwise you can use your single blueberries as topping instead of in the batter itself.  (This method NEVER means enough blueberries for my liking.  🙂  )

3:  Keep your berries frozen until the last minute, then toss in 1-2 Tbl dry muffin or cake mix, or 1 Tbl dry Ultra Gel to coat.  Then fold into batter by hand using a big spatula or wooden spoon.

4:  One hand full of berries, one full of muffin.  Take a bit of berries.  Take a bit of muffin.  Repeat until all blueberries and muffins are gone.  If necessary add more of either until proper balance is achieved.

What are your favorite ways to defeat the Purple?  Or do you just embrace muffins the color of violets?

Jana Brown


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