New Jam in a Jiffy Packaging

It’s so exciting when things change…well…sometimes it’s also terrifying, but in this case I’m excited.  For the last while Cornaby’s has presented our Jam in a Jiffy product in two packaging options, single packages of mix with cups or double packages of the mix.

Starting this month we’ve created a brand new package for a single mix of Jam in a Jiffy.  This mix comes in a single pouch without cups which reduces packaging significantly, and is recyclable in many locations, and makes it easier to use the product.  Both of these things are a win in my book and I’ve simply reused my containers from last year, or moved jam into a freezer safe bag which is good on my checkbook!

The new Jam in a Jiffy is much like our previous mix, providing for a five minute process for making lo sugar jam from any fruit, though soft fruits work best (My husband and I go for blackberry or raspberry and the kids love peach and strawberry).  Simply crush the fruit, add the mix and stir.  The sugar is already included so you don’t need to add more unless you have a major sweet tooth.  Allow to sit for two to three minutes and pour into freezer safe bags or plastic containers.  The finished product is then good in the freezer for several months and upon being thawed good in the fridge for one to four weeks depending on your fruit.

The new packaging option is available at our retail store, at our lovely partner locations, on our website and at the Farmer’s markets this summer.  For those that love our old packaging it will still be around for a while too.

Jam in a JiffyJam in a Jiffy

Jam in a Jiffy

Jam in a Jiffy


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