Oh The Places We Eat – Katana

It may or may not be obvious but Bunneh and I have a tendency to be homebodies.  We like to cook for each other and the family and anyone else in our general vicinity and watch sports and take care of our garden, but every now and again it is very pleasant to leave the home front behind and go visit restaurants in our local area.  This last Friday we decided we were in the mood for sushi and so drove down to a palace called Katana (Just off of Redwood and 106th for locals).

Overall Katana was a nice place and we’d certainly go back.  The environment was nice with rice paper walls between the booths and some rooms where you sat on low benches and pillows putting you at table height.  The only complaint with the environment was the muzak playing on the overhead.  I don’t know WHY so many of the local ethnic restaurants play soft hits, but knock it off!  I’d love to hear Japanese instrumentals, or even light J-pop would amuse me, but not Celine Dion!

Ahem…anyway, getting to the food.  We decided to go with their dinner special which was Bento boxes.  This started with a nice miso soup, which then lead into the boxes themselves.  These were proper boxes with lots of little sections for each part of the meal.  They came with rice, 4 pieces of California Roll and 2 egg rolls, then you got your choice of several items to finish out the plates.  Bunneh went for tempura shrimp and the chef’s choice of the sashimi and I did the New York Strip steak and the Hibachi salmon.  Of all the chosen items the salmon and the sashimi were tied for our favorites.  The shrimp was well cooked on the inside, but the tempura batter was too thick and had sat for long enough that the steam coming off of the shrimp had made it gummy, so we weren’t as impressed with that.  I had a similar problem with my eggrolls, though Bunneh loved his.  Speaking of the eggrolls the dipping sauce was killer and I wanted more things to dip in it.


The best part of the meal, however, was the specialty sushi roll.  We agreed that when we go back we’d just order several of the specialty rolls and skip the box all together.  The roll we had was called an Angle roll and featured a filling of spicy tuna and avocado, rolled in nori with rice and sesame on the outside and strips of mango all across the top.  Holy cow it was good.  The contrasts in sweet and spicy went perfectly with the fat of the avocado and the chew of the nori.  I think the serving size was perfect to share and left me wanting just a little more, which is a good thing.

Angle Roll

All in all we were glad to have visited Katana and would prolly rate it a 3.5-4 out of 5.  Not perfect, but certainly not a bad visit.  The bill came out slightly high for what we got ($16 each for the boxes and $9 for the sushi), but I think with a more careful selection we could balance that as well.

Jana Brown


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