Geekcake 2011 – Tardis Cake

Every year for Bunneh’s Birthday I try to work up a geekcake for him.  The cake has taken lots of shapes over the years with some of our favorites being Order of the Stick figures and the battlemap.  This year I wanted to try something a little more vertical and I had mixed success.  It was a Tardis cake in shape with the cake itself made from an adjusted version of the Alton Brown Devil’s Food Cake.  Bunneh wanted a cake that was very rich and the Devil’s Food Cake fit the bill.  I love the flavor of this cake, but if I did it again I think I would pour it into a jelly roll pan and use more thinner layers than I did.  It’s not quite heavy enough to take it’s own weight otherwise, and my butter cream was a little too soft.  So a Tardis that stood pretty well at first had some distinct slidage by the time it was presented.  Everyone met it with humor as the crashed Tardis and hey…it tasted really good!

Tardis cake

Tardis CakeTardis CakeTardis CakeTardis CakeTardis CakeTardis CakeTardis Cake

Happy Birthday Bunneh!


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