Bunneh’s Adventures in LA

Thanks to his wonderful Dad and a great friend Bunneh got to go to Los Angeles this weekend to see two Dodgers/Cardinals games.  He had the best time watching the games and got to go down on the field and meet players and everything.  This was a happy geeky moment for him.

However, he also had the chance to do some fun food shopping at a local farmer’s market.  Now, as the SLC Farmer’s Market is still pretty young my mental pictures of Farmer’s Markets is much simpler than this event.  Bunneh explained that the event was huuuuge with permanent stalls and refrigeration.  The Market has been there since 1943 and was just a wonder.  Bunneh brought home all kinds of wonderful foods, and was so frustrated that he couldn’t find very many oils and vinegars in small bottles…silly TSA!  He did get me some lovely black truffle olive oil though and it smells absolutely marvelous.

We’re planning wonderful meals with all the things he brought back, but for today it’s picture time!

Pasta BarMeat Counter


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