The Attack of the Spring Cold

I think one of the worst common illnesses is the Spring Cold.  It’s an evil little cold that slips in when the weather is just starting to turn nice and you want to be able to be out there getting stuff done.  Then it kills you.  For me, I tend to get sick second…the disease goes through the husband and the kids mutates a bit and then stomps on me.

Soo…long and short I’m doing the illness thing, which has had me searching for the perfect easy ‘get well’ food.  Tonight we’ll be eating chicken soup, the universal cure all, and for the last two days I’ve been drinking lots of water and eating…wait for it…  Potato salad.  I have no idea why it tastes so good right now, but at the moment it’s just amazingly yummy.

What’s your favorite cold recovery food?



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