Goood Morning Washington DC

Hi folks.

This weekend finds me out at the NASFT 57th Summer Fancy Food Show, which is a really long winded way to say I’m at one of the coolest food shows in the nation.  We’re here with our spreadable fruit, talking to retailers and distributors and such…though to be honest we’re having more fun talking to our fellow vendors.  There is an absolutely amazing array of food here representing some of the newest trends and ideas from not only across the nation, but all over the world.

Our photographer has been busy clicking away and I’ll have photos to share soon, but it’s a great experience.  We’re eating chocolate and cheese and popcorn and oils and…yum yum yum.  I’d worry about gaining twenty pounds, but with all the walking we’re doing there’s just no way.  (Or at least that justifies the chocolate covered popcorn and oreos I ate right before I went to bed.)

I have to head upstairs now and get the booth prepped, but stay right here for another Great Cookie Experiment from Julie on Wednesday and an update from the field…  Maybe I’ll find something I’ve never eaten before to talk about…it wouldn’t be hard!

OH!!  I almost forgot.  We’ve been nominated for the US Press Gourmet Food award!  Keep  your fingers crossed.

Other updates are happening on twitter (@cornabys) and over on facebook ( or our fan page



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