The Places We Eat – The Market Street Grill

It’s true that Bunneh and I enjoy traveling and eating where we travel, but we’ve also been working on discovering great places to eat in our own backyard.  So like the Great Cookie Experiment these little ventures will get their own category and show up as frequently as we can wander off to eat.  🙂

Our first stop is The Market Street Grill.  There are four of these lovely restaurants in Salt Lake County, we went to the one at 10702 South River Front Parkway, South Jordan which is just down the street from home.  This night was a matter of my husband saving me from a really rotten day, so big kudos to him.

The Market Street Grill is a wonderful anomaly in landlocked Utah.  The menu is mostly seafood and really wonderful.  We visited on a Friday night and waited only about 15 minutes to be seated.  The interior decor is beautiful with large windows doing most of the lighting.  It made me feel like we could easily be sitting on a dock watching the ocean instead of the parking lot.

Once seated we were brought some very nice crusty bread and butter while we were looking over the menu.  For an appetizer Bunneh ordered chilled gulf shrimp and cocktail sauce and I got the giant onion rings.  When they say giant, they mean it.  These were huge sweet onion rings which were lightly battered and well fried with very little greasiness.  However, Bunneh’s shrimp cocktail won as far as appetizers go.  They were delicate and sweet and the sauce was a great balance for the flavor of the shrimp.  For our entrees I ordered the Alaskan Halibut and Bunneh got the Hawaiian Ahi Tuna.  These each came with a lovely spinach salad.  I don’t know what all was in the dressing but it was a cream base, very light and delicious against the bitterness of the spinach and the sweet of the baby tomatoes.  For the entree sides we had rice and quick butter fried green peas in the pod.  The peas were amazing with just the right amount of butter and seasoning.  Unfortunately the rice wasn’t as good.  It was a plain white rice with a little parsley on top, but no real flavor beyond that.  I would have loved to see the rice cooked in a seafood stock, or with a little wild rice or brown rice added to the mix for flavor and color, but it’s a minor complaint.  Bunneh again won the battle of the dishes as his tuna was absolutely perfect.  It was lightly charred on the outside and raw in the middle and just melted in the mouth.  There wasn’t a hint of off flavor or smell, just pure tuna goodness.  By the time we got to dessert we were very close to full, but one dish on the menu caught our attention and we just had to order the chilled Key Lime Pie.  I’m so glad that we did as it was really a beautiful end to what had been an amazing meal.  The pie was a perfect balance of tart and creamy with a topping of real whipping cream and a beautifully crunchy graham cracker crust.  As you can tell we were well pleased and tummies were well filled.

If you plan to go to The Market Street Grill give yourselves at least an hour so you can enjoy eating slowly and really savor it.  They do have some kid friendly options, but really this is a great place for date night whether you’re going out for the first time or a long term couple.  The Market Street Grill is not a cheap option, our meal ran us close to 100 dollars with tip, but it’s totally worth it for the quality and quantity of food you get, very comparable in pricing to other upper scale places we’ve visited.  So not a place we’ll be hitting every weekend, but for the occasional treat ourselves you’ll see us there again!

Location:  South Jordan, Utah

Genre:  Oyster bar and Fish

Ages:  Late teen and up

Cost:  Figure 80+ for appetizer, drinks, entree and dessert for two

Rating:  4.5/5

Spinach Salad

Spinach Salad




Alaskan Halibut


Chilled Key Lime Pie


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