Coming Soon to a Harmon’s Near you

Shameless promotion post follows:

Hi folks,

I’m so excited.  🙂  All Cornaby’s products, Jam in a Jiffy, Ultra Gel, Thick Gel and our various spreads are going into the Harmon’s stores in Utah, all 14 of them!  We’re going into stores four per week starting in the north and working our way down.  So by mid August you should be able to find all of your favorite products in Maceys, Harmons, Dan’s, Lin’s, Dicks, Winegars, Bosch, Dixie Nutrition and a few other stores I’m sure I’ve forgotten.  We’ll be updating our Locations page to include everyone.  This is a great step as it means Cornaby’s products will be available year round, not only at Farmer’s markets or from our small store in Spanish Fork, Utah.

And waiting in the wings…well…let’s just say that you’ll hopefully be seeing our happy faces in Utah Whole Foods and A Fresh Market stores very soon!

Now as far as other happy things we share some photos from the 57th Summer Fancy Food show.


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