Attack of the Murphionic Field

Hi folks,

Some weeks things just go lopsided no matter what you do.  My husband calls this being under the influence of a Murphionic Field.  Things are breaking just because I look at them and I’m covered with random mystery bruises…

When life goes pearshapped it makes me want to bake, particularly foods from when I was a kid.  I’m currently pondering either pumpkin cake or double chocolate chip cookies…or maybe a big chunk of banana bread.

So tonight dear reader help me out…what foods do you make when you’re line between tears and laughter is a little thinner than usual?



2 thoughts on “Attack of the Murphionic Field

  1. Uh….. speaking as a complete stranger with absolutly no investment of the outcome of this question….. ahem…. this bunneh wants…..errr.. this stranger wants pumpkin chocolate chip.

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