Some nights it’s just nice to let someone else cook for you.  One of the things Bunneh and I enjoy is sub sandwiches, particularly nice warm ones.  At one point we had a fairly decent Quizno’s down the street, but it went out of business.  A few months later our sandwich needs were again met when a Coronado Subs opened.  We are big fans.  In particular they have a really good loaded chicken sammich and some nice sauces and…  *droools*

So tonight we decided to try Port of Subs as another sammich option.  I have to admit that I find myself disappointed.  The toppings were fairly mundane and the cheese very rubbery.  Where the bread we get from Coronado is soft and warm the breads we tried here were hard and crusty, and not in a good way.

All in all I think we’ll stick with Coronado…  And we won’t even talk about Subway.

How about you, dear reader, do you have a favorite house of subs?  Is there something we’re missing out on?

Inquiring minds want to know!



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