My Grandpa is Amazing – And Our Best Bites Kudos

I know lots of people think they have the coolest grandparents, but I just have to tell you that I love my rocking relatives.  🙂

Today’s story is about my Grandpa Reed Cornaby.  (Yes, the company is named after him.)  Yesterday I was over visiting at the farm house and we were watching out the big deck window as a bunch of humming birds crowded the feeder.  At their house it’s not uncommon to see dozens of the little birds whirring about and eating their fill.  Grandma and Grandpa both love having the birds there.  Anyway, while we’re watching one of the humming birds makes a wrong turn and slams beak first into the sliding glass door.  (This is not the first time birds have done that and likely won’t be the last.)

Grandpa got up and I went with him out on the deck.  The little bird had bounced off of the glass and was stuck between two of the wooden slats that make up the landing.  I managed to get it out, fearing that the bird was dead.  It wasn’t!  However, it also just sat there on my fingers, which isn’t a good sign for a humming bird either.

Grandpa settled in his chair and I handed the bird over.  With the wisdom and know how of a long time farmer, which means he’s played vet to more cows, chickens, cats, dogs, birds and other animals than most people, he stretched the bird’s wings and checked it over for injury.  His conclusion was that the bird had just knocked itself silly.

Grandma joined him on the deck then and the two of them stroked the bird and told it that it was okay and needed to fly now.  Apparently a few minutes in a calm place with a little love and encouragement was all the bird needed.  It got up and returned to flying, circling around my grandparents before heading back for the food.  This is the third bird Grandpa has recently taken care of…the last one was a big bird and required a little mouth to beak resuscitation, but what’s a puff of air between friends?

I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in all the crazy things going on and how hard life can be, and it’s little moments like this which are designed to help us slow down and just appreciate the beauty around us.  I’ll likely never hold a humming bird again…how cool is that?

On a more foodie note, Ultra Gel is mentioned today over on the Our Best Bites blog.  She made some lovely apple pie filling and it’s a great recipe.  If you make it a little thicker it also makes about the best filling for apple thumb print cookies in the universe.

Ultra Gel

Jana Brown


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