WhoNu and CherryBrook Kitchen

This last week I ran into a couple of deals on products we’d never tried before.  Not one to shy away from giving something a try…at least once…we jumped in with full tastebuds.

Whonu cookies

The first product was the WhoNu sandwich cookies.  At 160 calories for three cookies these are not the lowest calorie cookie ever, though they are less than standard Oreo brand cookies which range from 190-250 calories for three (at least on the packs I looked at).  The claim to fame for these ‘nutritious cookies’ is that they’ve added cornmeal and other fiber enhancers to the cookie and worked a vitamin mix into the cookie and filling.  So at the end of the day for a 160 calorie snack you’re also getting 3 grams of fiber and 20% of several vitamins.  Flavorwise these aren’t as rich as their traditional counterparts and a little gritty.  They’re not a bad snack, but I’m not sure they’re one I’d search out without a coupon.

Cherrybrook Kitchen

The other product we tried was CherryBrook Kitchen Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix.  What a mouthful.  😛  I loved these.  They are rice flour based with semi sweet chocolate chips.  These made a light very pleasant pancake and my kids and husband ate them up without even questioning the gluten content.  They were lighter than most mixes I’ve used and comparable to my homemade pancakes which is pretty darn impressive.

So there’s our new products this week.  Have you discovered anything new in the aisles of your grocery store?


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