Cornaby’s Fundraising opportunities and Cheater Chocolate Cake

I know I try not to be all business all the time around here, but I want to chatter a bit about Cornaby’s Fundraisers for a minute.  🙂  I’ll toss in a recipe for cheater cake if you stick with me.

Cornaby's Gift box

The long and short of it is that Cornaby’s offers a deal to schools where they can sell our gift boxes (which contain 3 8 ounce jars of our 5 star or 10 calorie spreads) as a fundraiser.  So teams or other organizations do the selling and then depending on the number of boxes the school gets a cheaper sales price down to where they are keeping at least half of the sales price!  Recently we completed such a program with the Pineview Tennis Team from St. George, Utah and they make nearly a thousand dollars for their small team.  It was a great success for them and so fun for us to support our local schools and get more spreads out there in the hands and tummies of our consumers.  Anyone who is interested in working with us on fundraisers would be more than welcome and just need to contact Timothy Stocks ( to get details and set up.

Now for the reward in the form of Cheater Chocolate Cake.  I try, most of the time. to make my cakes from scratch because I really love the flavor of a good homemade cake and I can control the leavening so that up here in Utah I don’t get either a flat or over inflated cake.  However, there are some days when the effort of doing everything from scratch just feels like it takes more time and effort than I’ve got…even though I still want a moist cake quality….so I cheat.

cheater cake

Here’s how it works:  Take 1 devil’s food chocolate cake mix and one 9×13 sized chocolate brownie mix.  Combine both powders in your stand mixer.  Now check out the back of the box and use the high altitude directions for both mixes, but when it says to add flour use the same amount of Ultra Gel instead.  (If you want to decrease the fat you can substitute apple sauce instead and you can use egg replacements as well and this still works fabulously).

Pour into cake pan or cupcakes and bake according to the directions.

Top with lovely Ultra Gel Buttercream frosting and serve to happy family….or eat yourself.  I’m not picky.



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