Baseball Food

All of my life I have enjoyed watching baseball…though for years it was in the, go watch a city league, or a little league game.  I have never been a fan of professional ball.  It just seemed to be so slow and so…boring.  Then I married Bunneh…and slowly but surely I have changed my tune, not that I follow every game as he does, but we do have favorite teams and I don’t steal the remote control and run around the house to keep him from watching sports anymore.  This year our team, the St. Louis Cardinals, have made it to the World Series, due to start play on Wednesday.

Sooo…it seems necessary that I now come up with food appropriate for watching the World Series.  A bratwurst here, a nacho there…  But there has to be something more.  Something to be our ultimate World Series snack…

We enter the realm of the test kitchen this week.  What we will come up with?!?  Only the Shadow kno…wait…that’s Old Time Radio interfering in my brain, but we are headed into coming up with a new favorite snack and will post the results of the experimenting right here just as soon as we see where it goes.

Wish us luck!

OH, and there is a lovely blog article on apple pie filling with cheddar cheese topping over at Stetted.  Go and read and give her the love.  She is a really sweet person and has some great recipe ideas!



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