Where is Cornabys today?

Hi folks!

Today we’re over at the Salt Lake City Family Christmas Gift Show at the South Towne expo center!  This is a great show, especially when you’re looking for that gift for someone who has everything.  Kids get in free and adults are like 10 bucks, but you can get coupons off of the show website to drop that significantly.

We’re over in booth 1206 and would love to see you.  In fact mention you saw us on the blog or on twitter and I’ll give you 10% off your order.  🙂

In non business news Bunneh and I have been trying out the South Beach diet, so we’re on our two weeks where we stick to lean proteins, veggies and legumes and thus far it’s working well for both of us.  I like this dietary option as a jump off to getting weight loss going because it’s based on removing food groups only temporarily to break sugar cravings (which I have in abundance) and help you to establish a healthy lifestyle, not just a temporary loss.  🙂

Though my sister says we should just try her see-food diet.  See food and eat it!



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