Herb Oil – lovely for Turkey

Wow…the month of November is almost over and I’m pretty sure MY brain is still back in July.  It’s going to be Christmas and a New Year before we know it.  However, I’m happy to live in the moment…especially since this moment is a week filled with cooking and being with the peoples I love.  🙂

This year Bunneh is in charge of the Turkey and in preparation we got a big old packet of herbs from Bountiful Baskets.  There were far more herbs than we’re going to use just for the Thanksgiving meal so he decided to make homemade herb oil.  This is actually a very easy process, and with results that add a lovely flavor to anything you use it in, including rubbing down that Thanksgiving bird.

For Bunneh’s herb oil he simply stuffs a quart jar with about a cup of various herbs in their natural state.  In this batch he added some orange rind, garlic and dried peppers.  He then heats 2 cups of olive oil to 200 degrees…yes, pull out the thermometer and watch this closely.  The point here is that the heat will help wilt the herbs and release essential oils which will be captured in the olive oil.  With the oil at temperature he pours it over the herbs and clamps on a cheesecloth lid with a canning ring.  The oil is allowed to stand over night before being strained and removed to two good sized plastic containers with a nozzle.  Think classic ketchup bottles.  One goes in the freezer and the other next to the stove to be used as a base for frying vegetables, topping meats and adding a kick of flavor just about anywhere.  Oils like this run 7-20 bucks in the store and it’s so easy to make yourself!



4 thoughts on “Herb Oil – lovely for Turkey

  1. It is so true… you get a better, healthier, product when you make the flavored oil, or i my case flavored liquors, yourself. You save a ton on money, and are more likely to use better quality ingredients to infuse, and no additives or chemical preservatives.

    • And the flavor is amazing and makes it so that we end up using a little less oil in everything because of the richness the herbs add. I love it when we can combine healthy eating with flavor and healthy living!

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