A very cool 2011 Christmas

So Santa Bunneh came up with some very cool things this year.

Thing the first:  New pressure canner.  I’ve wanted one of these for the last couple of years.  Now I can can green beans and other low acid foods without having to borrow a canner from mom or Julie.  How cool is that?

Thing the second:  I have a deep set love of Christmas socks.  I’m almost up to where I can wear a different pair of socks from December 1 to 31.  This year I got reindeer and a lovely pair of snowman socks with toes!

Thing the third:  This is arguably the coolest thing.  This was a terribly busy year for me.  I spent all December running like a crazed woman which meant that a lot of my favorite Christmas things just didn’t happen, and some important ones didn’t happen either, like decorating our tree.  I had great plans to stay up Christmas Eve and decorate the tree so it would surprise the children in the morning, but I got the stomach flu on the 23rd and just didn’t know that any more decorating was going to be possible (little did I know that Bunneh was planning the same).  However, no one ended up having to stay up late.  Our lovely Julie, she of the Great Cookie Experiment, and family had us well in hand.  They’d been coming over to feed the cat and the night before we returned home they decorated our lonely tree with gold garland, balls, candy canes and cookie cutters.  It was a simple thing but for me it meant everything.  My best gift wasn’t under the tree, but the love that was on it.  Thanks guys…  we love you too.

So what about you guys?  Before we get going for the New Year, what’s some of the best things which came out of this year?


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