Harmon’s Caselot and Cornaby’s Spread

Hey folks!

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday and start to the New Year.  One of the cool things going on for us this year is being invited to participate in a couple of local caselot sales, starting with the Harmon’s caselot which begins tomorrow 1/2/2012.  (Heh…it’s fun to type 2012…there’s just a nice rhythm to this new year already.)

Harmon’s is offering 6 12 ounce bottles of Cornaby’s low sugar raspberry spread for $20.00.  That’s $3.33 per bottle, which is a pretty darn amazing price.  We just barely made these and they’re good for 3-4 years on your shelf so a great low sugar, flavorful addition to food storage, to use for gifts, or just to eat on through.  🙂

Tomorrow we’ll get started with more recipes and some new stuff, maybe even a new look for the whole blog on the way, but today church is over and I’m vegging out with the husband while ribs trundle along in the oven.  I hope your day is just as awesome!



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