Winter Fancy Food Show and Fruitivia

I was going to talk about another recipe today, but then we had some cool stuff come up, so we’ll touch on that and do the recipe tomorrow.  🙂

Cool thing 1:  Fruivitia is officially for sale through our website.  This is cool because we’ve been working on the dang stuff for almost a year now and it’s so nice to see it finally jumping off on its own…or it’s been kicked out of the nest, I have no idea which.  🙂  Fruitivia is a gluten free, no sugar added fruit gel which assists in healthy weight loss.  It packs 100% of the needed daily vitamin C and antioxidants in spades, made from our very own antioxidant rich raspberries.  Then we add in natural fiber which helps keep the tummy regular and naturally suppresses appetite and cravings.   The best part is that it’s yummy.  It can be frozen and eaten slushy, slurped at room temperature, mixed into smoothies or other items, or spread on breads, muffins or wraps.  Today I had it over frozen yogurt.  Yum.  🙂


Cool thing 2: Ultra Gel has been given brand new packaging. It’s moving from a hard sided cylinder container to a pouch.  This makes it easier to ship and stock and creates far less waste, which keeps more out of landfill and it helps keep our costs down so we can help keep your costs down.

Ultra Gel

Cool thing 3:  We’re at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco this weekend.  We’ve been to two shows before and loved them.  The show is a great chance to see what’s up and coming in the food industry and to reconnect with a lot of friends. This year I’m watching the home front, while my brother does the meet and greet.  So anyone hitting the show, trundle over to booth 277 in the North Hall and give him grief!  And try a sample of Fruitivia while you’re there.  I can’t wait to hear what you think!



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